Air Bag

KSP produces a variety of inflator components that support all types of propellant (stored gas and conventional propellant). These components are made from a many different raw materials and support all types of manufacturing processes (crimping, swaging, laser welding, projection welding and friction welding). KSP is a significant supplier to this market and produces/ships 500,000 parts per week (25,000,000 annually).

Seat Belt

Retractor bars and locking tongue cams/bars. KSP participated in the engineering and development which allowed for the final vehicle to move from a 4 star to a 5 star crash rating.

Gas Direct Injection

The majority of these parts are produced from exotic and difficult to machine grades of stainless steel. KSP sources this material globally (France, Germany and Switzerland) to assure the highest level of performance at competitive prices. KSP is a Mathread licensee, which allows our customers to specify this requirement on it threaded connectors. KSP maintains ultrasonic along with conventional washing lines. The ultrasonic line allows us to achieve the high level of part cleanliness required by GDi application and our parts are “ready for assembly”.

Engine Timing

The use of cam phasing and cylinder deactivation is increasing in popularity as OEM’s looked to improve ICE fuel economy. KSP is a supplier to several large first tier suppliers of this technology. As a supplier to this market, KSP must be successful in its three core competencies (1) high precision (2) high volume and (3) zero defects.

Hydraulic Braking

This technology is still required and appropriate for vehicles with higher gross vehicle weights. KSP has successfully supported this market with our conventional or non-CNC hydromat technology.